Thermostat W1209 with probe -50°C / +100°C - white

Thermostat W1209 with probe -50°C / +100°C - white

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Thermostat module with display does allow to drive a device with a maximum power of 2300W. Powered by a 12V power supply. Does regulate temperature in the range of -50 ° C-110 ° C with an integrated relay. Included waterproof probe NTC 10K with 30cm wire.


  • Power supply: 12 V
  • Temperature regulation: from -50 ° C to 110 ° C
  • Resolution: 0.1 ° C in the range -9.9 ° C-90 ° C, 1 ° C in the remaining range
  • Output load: up to 2300 W (20A / 12V DC, 10A / 230V AC)
  • The set includes a waterproof NTC 10K measuring probe with a 30 cm cable
  • Dimensions: 48.5 * 40mm


To enter the programming system, press and hold the SET button for about 5 seconds. Select the programming mode P0 - P6 by pressing the + and - buttons. Entering the selected mode is confirmed by the SET button, confirming the selected value with the SET button.

Programming modes:

  • P0 - choice of cooling or heating
  • P1 - hysteresis setting from 0.5 ° C to 15 ° C
  • P2 - upper temperature limit, range -45 ° C to 110 ° C
  • P3 - lower temperature limit, range -50 ° C to 110 ° C
  • P4 - thermometer calibration in the range of -7 * C to 7 * C (set when temperature drops are incorrect)
  • P5 - delay time of switching the relay in the range of 0min to 10s
  • P6 - alarm too high temperature can be set to 0 to 110 * C

The simultaneous activation of the + and - buttons at the moment of switching on the power supply causes resetting to the factory settings.

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