micro: bit microcontroller set
micro: bit microcontroller set
micro: bit microcontroller set
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micro: bit microcontroller set
micro: bit microcontroller set
micro: bit microcontroller set

micro: bit microcontroller set

  • Programming learning kit
  • 40 different sensors and modules
  • Wide application and programming possibilities
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Micro: bit microcontroller set - educational set for programming with the use of micro: bit microcontroller. The set has a set of sensors and sensors for programming, thanks to which it is possible to conduct classes for all primary and secondary school grades.

The micro: bit microcontroller allows you to program in a simple block editor that is friendly to younger students, as well as in the popular Python or JavaScript language recommended for older students.

Technical Specifications:

  • LED diodes

LEDs are output devices that emit light. micro: bit has a programmable LED display.

  • Buttons

micro: bit has two programmable buttons as well as an additional reset button.

  • Radio

Radio is a way to send and receive messages wirelessly, and micro: bits can use radio waves to communicate with each other.

  • Accelerometer

An accelerometer is a motion sensor that measures movement. The accelerometer on the micro: bit detects when you tilt it left to right, back and forth, up and down.

  • Compass

The digital compass is an input sensor that detects magnetic fields. The micro: bit has a compass that detects the direction it is facing.

  • Light sensor

The light sensor is an input device that measures the light level. Your BBC micro: bit uses LEDs to detect light levels and allows you to program the micro: bit as a light sensor.

  • Temperature sensor

A temperature sensor is an input device that measures temperature. Your BBC micro: bit has a temperature sensor inside the CPU that can approximate the air temperature around it.

  • Pins

There are 25 gold stripes, called pins, on the bottom edge of the micro: bit microcontroller. They allow you to create circuits, connect external elements such as buzzers and motors, and create your own original designs.

  • Sound

The micro: bit can be programmed to create a wide variety of sounds - from single notes, tones and beats to your own musical compositions.

  • USB interface

micro: bit has a USB interface that allows you to connect a computer to the micro: bit with a micro USB cable and power the micro: bit.

  • Programming editor

The microcontroller can be programmed in programming languages ​​such as Python, C ++. It is also possible to program with a simple block editor, ie Scratch.

Examples of possible applications of microcontrollers

Product Details

5904209401376 5904209401376


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