Heatblock v6 Premium- Plated copper

Heatblock v6 Premium- Plated copper

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Plated copper heat blocks are engineered for ultimate high temperature performance. Our premium blocks are made from a special high temperature copper-alloy with a softening point of well above 500C (compared to aluminium blocks which begin to lose integrity beyond 350°C), and much-increased thermal conductivity these copper blocks are perfect for high temperature applications while working perfectly with everyday filaments like PLA, ABS and PET-G.

In addition to high temperature performance these blocks have an advanced nickel based plating, this plating considerably reduces the adhesion of plastic to the block. This is great for everyday filaments keeping hotend clean and shiny, but is particularly important at temperatures above 300°C where a silicone sock can't be used.


  • Dimensions: 23x16x11mm
  • Material: High temperature nickel plated copper alloy
  • Temperature range: up to 500 ° C
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Very shiny
  • Compatible with PT100 thermistor and 6x20 heater
  • Plated anti-adhesive surface
  • Set contains:
    • Plated block
    • Silicone sock
    • Screws for thermistor and heater
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