Filament F3D BubbleGlass (PA 12 + GB) 1,75mm 1kg
Filament F3D BubbleGlass (PA 12 + GB) 1,75mm 1kg
Filament F3D BubbleGlass (PA 12 + GB)...

Filament F3D BubbleGlass (PA 12 + GB) 1,75mm 1kg

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Filament F3D BubbleGlass (PA 12 + GB) 1,75mm 1kg is one of the composite filaments in the F3DFilament family.

This filament consists mainly of polyamide (PA 12) with the addition of glass microsbeads. This material is characterized by very high tensile strength and is easy to dye. The reinforcement made of glass microbeads increases its abrasive properties and improves compression resistance. It is used primarily for the production of knitwear, fabrics, ropes and lines and also, due to its excellent mechanical properties, for bearing shells, gears, etc.

F3D BubbleGlass filament has a printing temperature between 240-260°C (the choice of temperature depends on the printer parameters such as nozzle diameter, hotend length and printing speed)
Thanks to the innovative combination of polyamide with glass microbeads, the filament is suitable for the production of very durable mechanical parts, resistant to abrasion and deformation under pressure. Printing with this filament requires a heated table and hardened printer nozzles, e.g. hardened steel or titanium.

Specification of the F3D BubbleGlass filament:

  • Material: PA12 + GB composite
  • Printing temperature: 240-260 ° C
  • Table temperature: 75-85 ° C
  • Medium shrinkage of material
  • High mechanical strength
  • Increased abrasive properties
  • Compression resistance
  • Color: natural
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Dimensional tolerance: (± 0.03 mm)
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